We would like to congratulate the winners of the 2019 Energy Day Academic Program (EDAP)! These students have worked hard and spent quite a bit of their free time learning STEM concepts and creating projects to engage in and showcase their accomplishments in STEM.

Science Engineering Fair of Houston
Kendall McBride
David Bidulescu
Ved Ganesh
Zaina Ali
Emily Troutman
Kaitlyn Bird
Hailey Jeter
Anisha Parsan
Jeremiah Elizabe
Ronin Burke
Zhi-Wei Zeng
Prerit Choudhary
Kumaran Selva
Darryl Previlor
Richard Zhang
Steven Wu
Michael Gerhard
Marcus Schlauch
Brendan Alam
Sebastian Saenz
Jayanth Pratap
Naail Lakhani
Abhinav Sinha
Melannie Nimocks

NCWIT Aspirations in Computing
Bella Xu
Miranda Irvine
Brittany Leslie
Ashley Clarke
Vivian Le
Kyrie Doniz
Martha Moreno
Cynthia Jimenez
Erica Miller

All-Earth Ecobot Challenge
Elementary School Robotics Winning Teams
Tigerbots 1
Middle School Drone Winning Teams
YCP Flyers Team A

SeaPerch Underwater Robotics Challenge
Team Stingrays from Glenn York Elementary
Tyler Long
Isabella Needham
Kameron Jordan
Team RNA^2 from George Bush High School
Team 0.222 from Stephen F. Austin (Fort Bend ISD)
Shanne Hoh
Christina Qi
Ethan Pham
Carmen Morton
Brandon Jew
Sydney Olszewski

CEEF Energy Day Ert, Essay, & Video Contest
Art winners
Uzair Jinnah
Emma Banks
Cameron Combs
Essay winners
Wesley Combs
Paula Olivera
Alanna Combs
Video winners
Joshua Combs
Caleb Combs
Asael Dickson

We offer a huge thank you to our partners for sponsoring the awards for these students! Without industry partners like TransCanada, Technip FMC, Golden Pass Products, LLC, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Caterpillar, and Direct Energy we wouldn’t be able to continue to reward these hard-working students for their accomplishments. We know they will go on to do exciting things in STEM!