Bella Xu was one of our 2019 EDAP Winners. Bella is finishing her sophomore year at Clements High School in Sugar Land. Her passion for math started when she was in elementary school. Over the years, she has participated in many math competitions and achieved several honors, including qualifying for the AIME five times and earning the Honorable Mention award twice at Math Prize for Girls. Her interest in computer science started when she was in middle school and was amplified when she took AP Computer Science in high school. She then learned C++ and participated in USACO, where she is currently in the Gold Division. Bella is also an active member of her school’s Computer Science Club. Recently, she competed with her school team at the Houston HP Codewars and placed third.

This year, she won the NCWIT Aspirations in Computing National Honorable Mention award for her interest and accomplishments in the computer science field, which also led to her selection for the Energy Day Academic Award. Although she certainly enjoys competing in math and computer science, she also loves helping others find their passion for STEM. Through tutoring both her peers and younger students, she hopes to impart a lasting appreciation for STEM subjects. Beyond academics, Bella also enjoys reading, biking, and hanging out with friends.