Allen Green is a 2017 I-SWEEEP Energy Grand Prize recipient. He graduated valedictorian from Lawrence High School in Cedarhurst, NY. Scientific research became a major part of his life since last year. He has been recognized in several capacities: the Korean Science Award; the Alamo Regional Academy of Science and Technology Award at I-SWEEEP; getting published as a first author in MRS Communications; getting his work patented, and presenting it at the 2016 MRS Fall Meeting in Boston.

Apart from his research, he was the captain of the wrestling and the tennis teams, founder and captain of the Quiz Bowl and the Science Bowl teams, president of the Math Club (where he introduced the AMC exams to his school), and treasurer of the Tri-M Music Honors Society. Allen will be attending Brown University this Fall and will be focusing his studies in biochemistry or biomedical engineering with a pre-medical curriculum; he hopes to enter a a MD-PhD program and become a surgeon.

Allen first became interested in STEM in his high school chemistry class. Everything he learned fit together like a story because the topics built off each other. After that class he went on to take AP chemistry and spent his Summer at Stony Brook University through the Garcia Center for Polymers at Engineered Interface doing research with his high school chemistry teacher.

Allen has this advice for students: “For anyone even considering joining the STEM field, I highly recommend conducting research in your preferred field and looking into what interesting you. You never know what kinds of interesting things you may find or even discover.”