Young energy innovators honored for their plan for Houston’s future

In the shadow of the sparkling towers that energy built, five young energy innovators are being honored for their plan for the future of Houston.

It is the vision of a group of ninth graders from the Village School for the Energy City of the Future in the year 2050, to be exact.

New technologies drive the plan which includes bigger buildings than ever in the city core and efficiencies all over the area.

Their winning vision was judged by today’s energy leaders and it is already impressing the city leaders of now.

”Amazing! Wonderful!” Mayor Pro-Tem Ed Gonzalez told the young men.

Becoming the global hub for energy is something that takes time. Losing that status can happen very quickly without innovations like these.

Nicolas Vaporciyan is a part of the winning team. “The entire world is going forward at a pace and if we don’t keep up then we fall behind,” he said.

Experts know that it is youth that will drive that change.