Houston Museum of Natural Science/Consumer Energy Alliance Art, Essay & Media Contest

March 20-May 19, 2017
Houston, Texas

Consumer Energy Alliance is partnering with the Houston Museum of Natural Science Wiess Energy Hall’s Energy & Conservation Club to host the seventh annual Art, Essay, and Media contest.  These energy-based challenges invite children of all ages (and their teachers!) to compete for prizes ranging from $50-$250.

This year’s topic examines the role of the energy industry in connecting family and friends across communities, cities, states, and nations. We stay connected through both technology (mobile phones, video chat, social media, and other technological means) and travel (cars, air, rail, etc.), but how does the energy industry contribute to this? Think about not only energy required for transportation, but also how the energy industry contributes to the products we use daily to connect.

Download the 2017 Energy Day AEM contest rules and get started! Submission deadline is May 19, 2017.

For more information on entering or for any other questions, contact Paige Barnes.

Winning students and their teachers will be recognized and receive awards at Energy Day on October 21, 2017.