STEM Student Amy Nguyen

Amy is an 8th grader at Olle Middle School STEM Academy. This is what she has to say about STEM:

STEM is a great thing to be apart of. It has not only taught me life skills but, it also taught me life lessons. STEM has helped me explore areas that I have never thought of. It has allowed me to elevate my creative outlet with the many PBLs (Problem Based Learning) we have done.My favorite PBl in 7th grade was the Life PBL.I was a single mother, had one child, and was a highschool dropout. I was angry about the life the dice rolled for me. I had always imagined my future differently. I had always wondered why people drop out of high school. I thought that it was pretty idiotic of them actually.But, we never actually think about how these people live their life until we’re in their shoes. In this PBL I learned how to budget money along with other things however, the most important lesson that I learned was be grateful for what you have and sometimes you have to do what you have to do.