STEM Gift Ideas

If you’re like me (and be honest, many of you are), the holiday season has snuck up on you, and you still have gifts to buy. Allow me to make life a little easier for you and make you the greatest gift-giver ever. 

Two truly phenomenal gift ideas that very literally keeps on giving are Tinker Crates and Little Passports Science Kits. The beauty of these guys is that they send a gift every month for as many months as you sign up! My sisters and I decided to do the Tinker Crates/Kiwi Crates/Koala Crates for gifts for each other’s kids this past year, and regardless of their ages, all the kids loved them. This year we’re switching it up and doing the Little Passports.

If the monthly subscription thing isn’t your jam, there are so many other STEM gifts that you could give…and believe it or not, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on STEM gifts. Sign me up for that!

Amazon’s List

Fat Brain’s List (I personally just ordered Picture Problems and Mind Trap, both super budget-friendly)