Adriana Lopez

Adriana Lopez is one of our 2017 EDAP winners.

Adriana was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico where she spent the first 15 years of her life. In Puerto Rico, she participated in programs such as CS4Girls (Computer Science for Girls), SWE (Society for Women in Engineering) and AOSA (Arecibo Observatory Space Academy). Later, she worked as a teacher assistant at AOSA. Her interest in Computer Science (CS) started when she discovered that she could code art, her passion. In the 9th grade she decided to sign up for the NCWIT Aspirations Award and received an honorable mention, which motivated her to seek the award again the following year; she won the award in spring 2017, and received it in Houston.

She now lives in Houston, Texas and is looking for more opportunities in which to participate. Currently (2017) she is studying at  Cypress Woods High School, and she is interested in studying computer science. Her goal in life is to become an animation director. Adriana also has several hobbies: she has studied the violin for over 11 years, which has earned her a place in the Cy Woods Symphony Orchestra; she has also been taking art seriously for over 5 years, creating a beta comic called Quantum Physics.

Her blog sites include Instagram (aliens_and_drawings) and Youtube (aliens and what).